Learning: through the eyes of a child
Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and educational adventure through their early years. We are dedicated to provide exceptional care to children, while supporting parents through the ups and downs of growing-up.

We maintain the highest expectations for children as they “Spring Up” in life. We believe a child's development should be focused on the whole child -------- MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ------------



Orange Room – Crawlers

In the Crawlers Room we focus on working with the little ones to roll over, sit up and begin holding toys. We finger paint, play with water on our high chair trays, and sometimes play with jello and whip cream. Our messy activities are what we love the best!

Here’s what our Crawlers are doing:

Tummy Time: We use tummy time to promote crawling skills. Putting toys out a little out of reach encourages the kids to move to them. It is good to see their feet pushing and arms planted to get them going. Tossing the beanbags into their laps also helps build their “trunk” muscles to help sit up. They get such a kick out of the beanbag making it into their lap!
Other Motor skills: The ballerina bar and the bridge are great tools to help them pull up and “walk” with support. Peek a boo is also fun to do at both places. They are so amazed to see someone behind them in the mirror or through the clear windows on the bridge!