Learning: through the eyes of a child
Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and educational adventure through their early years. We are dedicated to provide exceptional care to children, while supporting parents through the ups and downs of growing-up.

We maintain the highest expectations for children as they “Spring Up” in life. We believe a child's development should be focused on the whole child -------- MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ------------

Cornerstone Academy Philosophy

Cornerstone Academy is a progressive educational facility that believes in educating children using a specialized curriculum. This curriculum is designed to effectively build confidence and perpetuate the love of learning through the Seven Stars of Success!

star We believe children are created divinely unique with individual personalities and learning styles.

star We believe children progress through the various development stages at their own pace and the learning environment should support this belief.

star We believe that the individual child should be provided with multiple opportunities and experiences to develop his/her talents and interests.

star We believe the responsibility of the educators should be to provide various teaching techniques and practices to assure the highest level of learning.

star We believe the physical structure of the classroom should be stimulating and flexible to support child-directed learning.

star We believe the learning environments should allow children to explore and experiment, encouraging independent thinking and successful problem solvers.

star We believe in creating a strong partnership with parents. This partnership should strengthen and support our goal of excellence in every child’s educational process.