Learning: through the eyes of a child
Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and educational adventure through their early years. We are dedicated to provide exceptional care to children, while supporting parents through the ups and downs of growing-up.

We maintain the highest expectations for children as they “Spring Up” in life. We believe a child's development should be focused on the whole child -------- MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ------------

CORNERSTONE ACADEMY (Elementary K-4th Grade)

Cornerstone Academy (CA) is our elementary school.  We educate students Kindergarden through 4th grade.  In order to accommodate each student’s developmental and educational needs, Cornerstone Academy provides an environment that encompasses a multiage classroom design. This design allows students to learn with like learners regardless of their age.  We implement a child specific curriculum blending national and state standards to meet each student’s academic needs.


At the elementary level we believe children thrive in an environment that has each student’s best interest in mind.  Faculty is carefully selected to meet the needs of students in our school.  Each classroom is an ideal learning environment that will have the appropriate number of teachers for the size and developmental requirements of the class. We believe team teaching fosters the best results from a curriculum standpoint, as well as provide a meaningful learning experience that builds lifelong learners.


Cornerstone Academy will continue our mission by laying the most important building blocks of learning – focusing on the basics of a cross curriculum education including reading, math, science, and social studies.