Learning: through the eyes of a child
Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and educational adventure through their early years. We are dedicated to provide exceptional care to children, while supporting parents through the ups and downs of growing-up.

We maintain the highest expectations for children as they “Spring Up” in life. We believe a child's development should be focused on the whole child -------- MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ------------

Springing Up Philosophy

Springing Up Child Development Center (CDC) provides parents with the peace of mind of knowing their children are cared for in a loving, educational environment.

At Springing Up CDC, your children will be able to explore new beginnings and try their hands in all areas of interests. We believe that each child has a unique way of learning, so we utilize various techniques to help children develop, grow, and learn. We hold the highest expectations of children as they develop each of their schematic abilities in an environment that fosters their potential. Our caring and certified staff will encourage each to grow and develop every step of the way.

We are dedicated to building a partnership with each child’s parents and other people who are important to that child. We encourage these people to be actively involved with Springing Up CDC to help ensure the success of the children and their future. We also believe it is important that parents be supported and comforted during all the ups and downs that come with children and their unique personalities.

As a concerned and effective group of educators, we want to help your children become the magnificent and meaningful individuals they were born to be. We look forward to seeing you and your little ones soon!!